Recovery Wellness Spa in Tupelo, MS

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The design of the Recovery & Wellness Spa is based on science. As you enter the spa, your entire sensory system is affected. The color, smell, sound and texture work together to desensitize your nervous system. Your experience starts in the lobby and continues throughout the entire facility. Your session is self-directed, meaning you choose how much, how often and what kind of experience you want. DoTerra, Essential Oils are used in the spa to lift mood, calm senses and elicit powerful emotional responses. Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants making them safe and effective for all. The music genre and tempo is also specifically chosen based in scientific research to decrease heart rate and desensitize the nervous system. Colors are powerful mood changers, and the color pallet of the spa was chosen very carefully not just on the visual aspect but also for its textures and soothing qualities. Water has natural healing qualities and therefore is a central theme of the spa, visually, as sound and in touch and texture.
Exercise in the Midtown Pointe Fitness Club can be self-directed or over seen by a qualified staff member. If you are intimidated by the traditional gym environment then Recovery & Wellness Spa’s Midtown Point Fitness Club is the perfect solution for you.