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Midtown Pointe Fitness Club

Midtown Pointe Fitness Club is a state of the art fitness center featuring a full line of Cybex Eagle NX Cardio Weight Machines as well as strength equipment. Our Executive Workout Program is a 20 minute cardio and strength program designed for the professional with minimal time to exercise. 10 minutes of cardio followed by 45 second stops at 9 stations. Your station will be preset for the appropriate resistance and you will perform as many repetitions as possible and immediately go to the next station. You will alternate upper extremity with lower extremity exercises. The program is economical, efficient and effective! If you are not done in 20 minutes, you get a free aqua massage.
Personal Training can take your fitness to the next level. Get the most out of your workouts each time and experience results that will keep you motivated in your fitness journey. Book a session now with Brion Dowden, B.S. Kinesiology, AAAI/ISMA or Molly Bramlett, AAAI/ISMA.
Personal Training - Fitness Club in Tupelo, MS

Membership Rates

Fitness Club and spa membership (does not include HOTWORX) $19.00/month
HOTWORX, Fitness Club, & SPA $39.00/month
Spa, Fitness Club & 60 min Swedish Massage $69.00/month
Spa, Fitness Club, Hotworx & 60 min Swedish Massage$89.00/month
Spa, Fitness Club & 60 min Deep Tissue Massage$94.00/ month
Spa, Fitness Club, Hotworx & 60 min Deep Tissue Massage $114.00/month
Fitness Club Guest Pass $5.00
HOTWORK Guest Pass $10.00
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