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HOTWORX in Tupelo, MS


3 D Training



When your core body temperature rises, there is an anabolic effect that speeds up your metabolism. Another heated workout advantage is that less time is required for warm ups in a heated studio.


Infrared energy has the effect of strengthening and activating the regenerative processes in the human body. This is why workouts in an infrared energy environment can help to accelerate workout recovery.


30 minute classes using Isometric based exercise to build strength, increase flexibility and burn massive calories.
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HOTWORX Classes:



This is the first ever 30 minute session designed for core training and self myofascial release with foam roller. The first half of the work out consists of focused abdominal, hip and lower back work, for the CORE. Core strength is vital. Everything begins and ends with the core! The second half provides the self-administered deep tissue massage guided by the virtual instructor. With this HOTWORX foam roll session, there is no better way to accelerate workout recovery and to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


This workout is designed to get your but in shape, period. The warm-up and cool down is similar to Hot iso. The flight Phase for Hot Buns, however, maintains focus on the glutes and provides and intense flow of isometric postures for the back side!


Hot Roll was created to give the experience of a full body 30 minute deep tissue massage using foam roller led by a virtual instructor. This is the first video of its kind for self-myofascial release. It is structured to allow for a total body massage and let's you find and release your trigger points, getting rid of knots and muscle tension. This session is one of the best ways to accelerate workout recovery time. When you add 120-125 degrees of infrared heat to the session the recovery time is enhanced even more.


This workout is an accelerated version of Hot Iso designed for athletes. There is less time to rest between postures and there is added emphasis placed on form and technique. This warrior version is perfect for athletes to use a supplement to their current training program and is designed to benefit any sport. Note that this work out is also excellent for athletic training recovery.


The HOTWORX version of hot pilates provides an intense core workout while focused on the principles of Pilates: Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow.


The HOTWORX version of hot yoga is simply outstanding! It is pure yoga at 125 degrees for 30 minutes providing clients the most accelerated results and the very best for a hot yoga workout.


This is the original HOTWORX workout. It is performed for 30 miniutes inside of HOTWORX infrared sauna at 125 degrees. The is a modified yoga sun salutation warm-up called the "Launch-Phase." Following the Launch Phase client enter the main workout :Flight Phase", which consists of 14 isometric postures beginning with lower body then upper body and finishing with core. The "Landing Phase" is the cool down period ending with a seated, legs crossed, meditative posture.

Membership Rates

Fitness Club and spa membership (does not include HOTWORX) $19.00/month
HOTWORX, Fitness Club, & SPA $39.00/month
Spa, Fitness Club & 60 min Swedish Massage$69.00/month
Spa, Fitness Club & 60 min Deep Tissue Massage$94.00/month
Spa, Fitness Club, Hotworx & 60 min Deep Tissue Massage$114.00/month
Fitness Club Guest Pass $5.00
HOTWORK Guest Pass $10.00